Disappointment nips at the edge of your happiness as the wind brushes across your body, bringing a chill. Wrapping up a little tighter, you can feel it sitting heavy on your heart.

Looking across the fields of brown with dust picking up to join the wind, you notice the strain you feel in your bones. The weight bares down on your shoulders, straining your fragile frame. Dust is messy.

Could the winds carry away these thoughts, unbearable pains and replace the dust of heaviness that remains? How can it be so quickly the nips turn to rips in a protected shell?

Whispering thoughts can only remain if we hold on to them ourselves. Winds, chills, and dust or sounds of a distant thunder have no effect on the sounds of a strong heart and mind.

As the dust settles and the winds calm, you can still feel the heaviness. The echoes remain from the sounds the wind carried to the ears listening—seeds planted of doubt, hopelessness, and the thoughts with no end.

Harvest only those sounds illuminating the light of your soul sparkling, beaming, and glistening even in the darkest of times. How can the light be darkened?

The warmth of the glow brings the strength, courage, and confidence to face the path. It is within each to get to the truth, replace hate, renew strength, honor freedom, respect life, and reflect value.

Whispering thoughts are beautiful to hear when the sounds echo the joy of a life lived, loved, and blessed.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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