When I see something, hear something or read something, I like to share. Some consider it gossip when you are talking about others, but in this case, it is not. You need to be careful today to make sure you fact check, but this is the truth!

Dan Rockwell, a.k.a. Leadership Freak, is one of the first people I learned about while working with my friend Becky Robinson at Weaving Influence. He has such great insight on leadership!

I want to share his latest blog with you because it is a simple, but spot on approach that follows my structure of asking questions to guide yourself when making choices or decisions.

So many times, at the end of a day, we can feel defeated as we have those negative thoughts and find the negative self-talk remarks on our way home. The day may not have gone the way we wanted. You experienced some difficult conversations, and the list can go on. Regret, anger, sadness, and all the emotions fill up your mind as you replay the scenes of the day.

Dan Rockwell has written the blog for you! Follow the steps he provides to stop the negative thoughts and shift you mind to re-think the day.

Did you know you could set up your playlist to support you unwind, rewind or windup? I have selected music playlists to encourage me with whatever situation I may be experiencing, so I can improve myself to be ready for the next part of my agenda (welcoming of the school day, difficult meetings, end of the day, workout, inspiration). I have found several songs about smile. Not only that, but I consider it is always important to smile even when you assume you have nothing to smile about. This is coming from a lady who was in a semi and car crash which did a great deal of damage to many things, especially me! I went without many teeth for two years as they worked on doing bone graphs and implants for 13 teeth. So please smile.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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