The seasons change it seems so fast. One day the warmth of the summer sun kisses our cheeks reminding us to find some shade.

Then the cool breeze begins to find its way to whisper through the leaves, time to bring out the sweaters to keep you warm.

Where to turn when the seasons begin to change?

October is here to mark the date, when the leaves begin to show their fall colors. Hints of red, yellow, orange and brown can be seen as they paint the landscapes across the land.

Fall is my favorite time of year. It is just the right temperature, time for hot chocolate, warm fires with marshmallows, and beautiful scents of pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, and spice.

Where to turn when the seasons begin to change?

We know when the new season comes, another will follow. We each have our favorite season of the year, but we all can enjoy each season with the love of family and friends.

Seasons can bring weather we do not welcome, but we know it may come depending on the areas we selected to live. It is part of the choices we make.

So as the seasons change, where do we turn? We turn with them to greet the new season with open arms to enjoy each moment as we turn into the season to enjoy.

Fall into a season of thanksgiving, gratitude, blessings, and encouragement. Give more, love more, be open to more, and share time to gather with others. Where to turn when the seasons begin to change? Turn to those you love and who need your love.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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