Online predators 

There are an estimated 500,000 online predators active each day. Children between the ages of 12 and 15 are especially susceptible to be groomed or manipulated by adults they meet online. According to the F.B.I., over 50 percent of the victims of online sexual exploitation are between the ages of 12 and 15. 

The Internet Watch Foundation reported its worst year on record for child sexual abuse online in 2021 as it confirmed 252,000 URLs containing images or videos of children being sexually abused, compared with 153,000 in the previous year.

Sexual predators

We teach our children at an early age different ways to keep themselves safe. Safety is vital at every age, stage of life, and in every situation. Teach children how to protect themselves from others who want to harm them. Usually, they are people who have earned their trust, and adults Providing as much support as possible is critical to providing safety to children.

National Sex Offender Public Website is one place to find information about offenders near you. Additionally, states also have websites to help find those in your area. In addition, other resources are made available through other educational sites and organizations.

Staying Safe

Safety is a priority. Working on child safety hit home for me when a young girl went missing one mile from my house. While riding her bike, she was taken and later found across the state line in a corn field. Immediately I asked to begin doing programs at the schools to teach students about the dangers and how to keep themselves safe.

They are helping children understand the importance of supporting themselves and others by feeling good and safe is a priority. In my educational career, these two areas are so important throughout life. Jessica was a beautiful girl enjoying country life in a small town. It was a wake-up call for this young mother and those all around. If you think it will not happen, it can’t happen, that won’t happen here; I would like to remind you that it can, and it does.

Capturing moments

When we turn ordinary daily tasks into opportunities to take in the beauty around us, we can capture moments to reflect on long after they are done.

The days have been hot! So getting out early to water flowers is a big task! Stretching the garden hose out and around the house is a big job. Once you turn the corner, you are greeted to finish the job by around 12 little hummingbirds zooming around to get their morning breakfast.

Suddenly the task has become amazing as you watch them speed by, dash in and out. They hide from each other in the butterfly bush. The landscaping has turned into a superhighway with some road rage as some fight with each other to get their spot.

The little ones with the light coloring are my favorites in the picture I captured. They seem to be so calm and elegant with a light green tint. None of them seem to be bothered that I stand so close to them with a phone camera, music playing, and my garden hose. I guess they know I am the one who brings the food.

Take some time today, tomorrow, and the next to capture moments to keep in your heart. You can pull them out on days when you need them the most! Enjoy each day in this life journey, even when it throws you some things we do not expect. Be the solution daily in the world that needs you!

Just wandering this morning about encourgement. How do you…. How do you want to receive?

Wellness check! Time to slow down. Burning candles at both ends means they meet in the middle and burn out! Listening to those I mentor and coach, they are exhausted this week. I am guessing you are too! Take a break! It is okay to do that for yourself!

Has anyone tried to damage your Character?

Being a leader in 2022 is the same, different, or we don't know? Do the qualities and skills need to be the same? What are your thoughts? Do we need different leadership qualities? What is the most important quality for a leader? Why?

I believe a job title does not define leadership. Leadership is part of our lives at different stages and areas. We provide opportunities for children to explore, experience, and engage in leadership. We have many lists of characteristics and qualities created over many decades to identify excellent leaders. Has leadership changed? Do the qualities change? How can we help children grow to become great leaders?

We need your help! Tell us what qualities do great leaders need.

Have you heard this, thought this, or said this? As you glance in a classroom, talk to students or staff, you get an idea of this statement.

Sometimes we are quick to place a label on something without further examining the roots to discover a solution. Engagement is our go-to word. Students are not engaged in learning, so they do not care. Whoa, stop! This is a snap judgment call without really diving in to look at solutions.

I have included a link below to a great article from EL Magazine. It is a quick read packed with great insight on how to look at barriers students may have as they face learning.

Standing in front of the class and giving information in hopes students will receive it with learning, as a result, is not a reasonable expectation. Then to think they can take this information and apply it. Well...

Students are not always interested in what we want them to do in the classroom or to learn. This does not mean they do not care. We have not uncovered how to motivate them with their interests, ways of learning, removed barriers or found the right strategies.

Students need clear feedback, a success that is important to them and to know peers are not judging them. Helping students reach their full potential can be accomplished.


Can you hear it?

The “white noise” of the world “darkens” the “brightness” of our thoughts, deafening our ears preventing us from hearing the wisdom of our father.


Can you see it?

Our vision is “clouded” by the distortion of the images presented as we question softly with muffled replies of lies. We are transforming; we are patterns in a world being changed unrecognized by our eyes. The sounds become louder, the sights become larger, and our world became smaller as we seek less from it.


Do you know it?

Do not conform to a world, but renew your mind. Morals, values, beliefs, and united together as one are what needs to be done. We live where a click of a button identifies us as a follower in the social media world, limiting the idea of leadership. Where are the leaders?

Yesterday we lived, it is gone, but lessons remain. We cannot live backward, only forward with lessons to apply. The mirror reflects an image of the one who can choose for today to stand to prepare for tomorrow. Live for today, conquer fears no matter the fractures created, focus on the future, the unfailing love for faith, family, and the country as we prevail. The choice, of course, is always yours to make; the solution daily is the one we hope you make.

I think it is time to be happy again. Find reasons to be satisfied. A lot of negatives cloud our focus. If negative is all we see, hear, feel all of the time, it builds up into angry outbursts, stress, shortcomings, and mental health issues. If not you, then who will help us start making days shine brighter with at least a smile, if not more.
"I only have 2 rules!"
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