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Now it is time for all of the clean ups! So I am working hard to get all of the things back in order, but I will take my time. It is nice to be disconnected and to do some reflection on the purpose of life.

What are your goals?

What are your needs?

In the world you are living, the space you have and those you share it with…..what matters the most?

During my disconnected time, I had plenty of time to think about many things. Lots of prayers for so many people who I know were without power and are still without power! Thank you to so many of our family and friends who offered their homes to us to shower, eat and cool off. We are so grateful! Our son-in-law and daughter provided us with the things we needed. You can’t beat spending time with those grandchildren.

I am so thankful for many people who have been brought into my life at various stages. I have gained many new ones just this year, and I have many things to share so those will be coming soon. I am learning how to add video, so I can now provide messages to you in video form. This is exciting because I love to talk! However, it is difficult for me to record myself.

Today I am enjoying the power and being able to do laundry! Who would ever think someone would say they enjoy doing laundry and cleaning? I am loving it today! I do not think I will ever put anything in my refrigerator again. It looks so clean, and I never want to throw everything out again. Maybe I should sell it and the stove too. Just eat out!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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