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The season has changed to Fall, and it is time to fall into our focus of education. I have been working hard to connect with others to learn more, explore more, and find more resources. Growing in all areas of schooling helps all when we can share with others. So exciting to hear from others about what they are doing and their impact on those they serve.

Executive Functioning Skills

Many skills are taught in school, and prioritizing what is needed for our children to learn has been in the spotlight for the past two years. I have stated for several decades education is a political nightmare at times. Education is the most prominent chess piece in a game no one wants to play or lose, and one everyone wants to win. However, the ones in this game are the children who are missing out because of the moves of those in power.

It is time to focus on the skills needed so children can continue to grow no matter what path they decide to pursue. We have various needs to support the future of our world.

Tune in and sharpen up

There are a wide variety of podcasts to select from to tune in and to help you sharpen up the areas you want to grow. Listening to podcasts is a great way to spend time driving to and from work, doing your chores at home, and taking a walk. Finding the one you want to follow or checking out the wide variety of the ones out there takes a great deal of time, or you can begin with those someone recommends beginning your journey.


To map out a successful plan to implement an improvement plan, growth plan, or any change, you need a framework to build. In the design stages, you can see the vision of what is required to reach the destination. When we start on a drive to a vacation spot, we always type in the address to see the different routes that can be taken. How long will it take? What unique places are along the way we may want to stop to notice? Are there any areas we would like to spend more time? Do we see great places to eat and rest? There are many choices to make when mapping out your framework to plan anything you want to implement involving action steps.

Who me? Yes, you!

News media platforms report staff shortages in many different areas across the country. Education is one of those areas where we see issues with deficiencies in many different positions and levels. Looking at the college enrollments also tells us students are not interested in entering into the field of education either. Soon we will see an increased level of shortages in principals as well.

How can we work to eliminate these shortages and begin to attract more people to the area of education? Education is a vital part of every country and the future of who we are as well. We need to build it up and not tear it down. If not you, then who can begin to help address this vital issue? We need you and every individual with children or not to be a voice in helping to build education back up. Who me? Yes, you!

Celebrate, Motivate, Inspire and Encourage

I started my writing campaign with my grandchildren. I included their parents for the first week as well. This month we celebrate Principals, and I am looking forward to helping the Illinois Principal Association again this year with their annual conference. They sent me several emails, and they are so organized. I have always been impressed with this organization, am proud to be part of it, and look forward to seeing all the leaders!

I bought all of these little cards you could pass out to others like the one I am holding above. I think these would be fun to have as a Principal to give out when you are doing walkthroughs in the hallway and see amazing things happening at the moment. Encouragement, validation, and those teachable moments happen, and it is great to be prepared when they do!

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

2 Corinthians 4:18

We live in a world of overstimulation to our senses, and a noise level to drown out the sounds to calm our souls, find a quiet time to hear what we need to listen to. The visibility of our world provides images I care not to see many times. For the last several years, I have turned off the television and opted for silence while working at home. I can then hear the sounds echo in my house from the outside world of pure nature.

Not everyone can do this because of their location. However, we can choose the sounds we welcome into our space. In addition, we can also decide the focus we will have on how we view our world.

The view from my space

The little corner of your world is created by how you decide you want your space to be. Right now, take a look around. Pick up an object from your area. What does it mean to you? Why is it in your space? I have a little sign that reads: “the good things in life are better with you,” If I look up, I have a sign my daughter and grandchildren made. “Family is life’s greatest blessing.” The birds in the picture represent each grandchild with their thumbprint to create a heart on their bird.

My corner is also full of books! I love holding a book in my hand with post-it notes, pencils, and highlighters to enjoy. It can get messy on occasion, but it is my little corner.

When I choose, I can look at the news from different sources and see a focus on many things. What is unseen by many is the many things we have lost over time and the changes which happen over time as we “allow” them to happen. I have had the opportunity to do more reading, research, and gather information. I stumbled across the work of Peter F. Drucker. He is the author of several books I have not completed reading: The Age of Discontinuity, The Unseen Revolution: How Pension Fund Socialism Came to America, and many others. I enjoy reading books from all periods and genres.

The Age of Discontinuity is the one I am reading through currently. Publication of this book occurred in 1968 and a much different period. “Our time, all of us would agree, is a time of momentous changes-in politics and in science, in world view, and more, in the arts and warfare.”-The Age of Discontinuity. You could read that quote in a book written for the period we are living in now.

Another comparison I will share is: “Government is certainly all-pervasive. But is it solid? Or is it only big? There is mounting evidence that government is big rather than strong; fat and flabby rather than powerful; that it costs a great deal but does not achieve much.”-The Age of Discontinuity pg. 212. You will find this in the chapter titled The Sickness of Government.

What is unseen?

Time. We cannot see it, but it goes by quickly.

Sound. We cannot see sound with our eyes but hear or feel it.

Stars. We can only see them at night if there are clear skies.

Love. We see images and interpretations and read words, feel it. Do you see it enough?

Are there examples you have? I began with a quote from the Bible, which is a beautiful example. We walk by our faith, not by our sight, in our belief in not this life but our eternal life. These days walking on our path in our life journey, we need to pay close attention to what is not heard and what is unseen. Deception, depression, and discouragement will find ways in our daily lives when we are not looking and listening.

“But the society of organizations may offer greater opportunities for meaningful, effective, responsible freedom than earlier society. Whether they will be realized depends on what we do rather than what “they,” the institutions do. We face a period of hard new thinking on the political structure of society and the position and role of the individual in it.”-The Age of Discontinuity, pg. 260

Be the solution daily in a world that needs you! Learning from the past, living in the present, and building the future depends on looking through the lenses of many. Truth is always discovered when all of the stones are turned over. Enjoy reading a book today! Learn something new! Create a craft to share with someone. Vote when you have the opportunity to do so. Speak up with a voice of wisdom, truth, positive thoughts, and facts. Nothing is solved when voices are raised and asked to escalate to violence or to ignore the laws of our land. It is the voice of reason, democracy, and learning how to handle situations without blowing the candles out of others to try to shine brighter.

If we do not have a balance in our systems, our system will fail. When the system fails, life as we once knew it would no longer exist. It is time to see with our own eyes the truth before us and to live as we understand we should in a country founded on God we trust. Life, Liberty, and at this time, law and order. We must get back to safety for all.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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