Capturing moments

When we turn ordinary daily tasks into opportunities to take in the beauty around us, we can capture moments to reflect on long after they are done.

The days have been hot! So getting out early to water flowers is a big task! Stretching the garden hose out and around the house is a big job. Once you turn the corner, you are greeted to finish the job by around 12 little hummingbirds zooming around to get their morning breakfast.

Suddenly the task has become amazing as you watch them speed by, dash in and out. They hide from each other in the butterfly bush. The landscaping has turned into a superhighway with some road rage as some fight with each other to get their spot.

The little ones with the light coloring are my favorites in the picture I captured. They seem to be so calm and elegant with a light green tint. None of them seem to be bothered that I stand so close to them with a phone camera, music playing, and my garden hose. I guess they know I am the one who brings the food.

Take some time today, tomorrow, and the next to capture moments to keep in your heart. You can pull them out on days when you need them the most! Enjoy each day in this life journey, even when it throws you some things we do not expect. Be the solution daily in the world that needs you!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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