Enjoy a great week! We have just a little time left in July! How are you spending your days in July?

I am painting our decks outside! I will share pictures! It is hot, but must be done!

Have you ever questioned if you should, could, or would? Is there a voice that tells you not today, maybe tomorrow, but when it becomes tomorrow, you start over?

If this sounds like you, you are not alone! How do you overcome this negative talk? One day, each moment and every second of the day by saying: I can, I will, I am going to work each day to get closer to my goals and to make a positive impact. We do not have to invent the next big device, create the best masterpiece or become famous for a great speech. It is in the day to day actions we take to improve the lives of those around us and others in the world we share.

It seems sometimes we place a great deal of pressure on ourselves to measure our accomplishments, wealth, social media “likes,” “followers,” or “shares.” We also look at what we have or don't have.

If we do this as adults, think about the pressure children experience with all of the sources they have to ensure they get the approval rating they seek. When does the negative talk start?

How can we dial down these sources of frustration? What are other sources? These sources contribute to our negative self-talk. What can leaders do to increase positive sources of impact on lives daily?

It is not easy to escape situations that can impact our lives negatively, but with knowledge of how to manage these situations, we can prevent the impact on our lives. We need to start teaching these strategies early in life as we know technology is introduced to our children at an early age and as the sources increase, the possibility of negatives can occur.

It is you, yes today and tomorrow, to help yourself and others bring positives each day to drown out the negatives!

What do you choose to focus on? How do you help others with their focus? Make this Monday count as we all focus together!

Efficacy is a word we hear a great deal. Do we understand what it means in its various uses? Efficacy is the ability to perform a task to an expected degree or satisfaction; being successful in producing an intended result or effectiveness.

Providing ourselves with a basic understanding of the definition helps guide us when efficacy is used with other words like: Self-efficacy, Teacher-efficacy or Collective-efficacy. Each of these areas of use is important to the overall growth desired.

Self-efficacy is the most critical piece in my professional opinion to completing the puzzle for completion of success. Self-efficacy is the foundation for motivation, well-being, and overall accomplishment. It is a feeling of self-worth. As individuals develop efficacy, they are influenced by four areas, according to Professor Albert Bandura.

Professor Albert Bandura in this article https://positivepsychology.com/bandura-self-efficacy/ provides information to help with understanding his theory.

Four Areas

Action Steps

As the sun rises and shines brightly to wake us to a new day or as we reach to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock, it is Monday! A workweek begins as the weekend is behind us now!

Where does the time go? Just like that, Friday turns to Monday. We get 168 hours every week. For most of us, we spend 40 hours of that time at work. So what do we do with the rest of the time? How much is spent watching TV? How much time do you spend on your phone, computer, or any other devices?

Take a look this week at the time you spend on activities. How do you want to improve? Make this Monday a day where you decide to invest your time wisely. You can track your screen time, maintain a calendar to highlight how you are spending time. Do you want to have more personal contact with others? Make a goal and track it.

Time is a gift with no return. Once the minute has passed, we can not get it back. No one can give you more time, but people can share time. Could you make the most of the time we have? It seems we are creating problems with no solutions, fighting about so much, and forgetting about gratitude. We have so much we can do with our time. Being the solution daily with a positive focus of hope, love, and gratitude seems to work the best for me.

Do you hold yourself back? Are you afraid to try something, ask a question, or make a big move? Maybe you are thinking of a career change, and you are making lists of the reasons to say yes and no. Well, what is it? Make the first move on whatever you are thinking that is holding you back from a positive impact on your life.

I was telling my granddaughter about the first time I tried out from the high school dance team. I had made up the routine and worked with the group of girls trying out with me. After all, I had been dancing for years.

The day came for tryouts, and I had a couple of girls not sure of themselves. Being the person I am, I looked at them a couple of times to reassure them during tryouts. You guessed it; everyone made it but me.

It was a tough time for me but a great lesson as well. It helped me gain more strength, determination, and courage. I tried out again and made it the next three years. Was making the squad going to help me for my career path? It did! I learned a great deal about leadership, teamwork, and compassion. The most critical skills for me were courage, determination, and confidence.

Find common ground with your team and yourself. List any barriers standing in the way of moving forward to gain positive results. Tackle just one today. Get one off the list. When you can get a win the rest will begin to come into place!

Today I am going to address the labels I have placed on myself. These are coming off today as I focus on the rewrite of my book. I do believe I have words, thoughts and ideas to help others make tomorrow better than today!

Let's be the solution daily for ourselves and others today!

This is from one of our favorite places to get treats! Royal Donut in Danville, Illinois, is one of the places my grandchildren always want to stop!

I had some medical procedures done last week as a reminder never to take life for granted. I reunited with my original doctor from the ’90s, who first diagnosed me with Crohn's disease. It was great to see him and talk about the many medical issues I have had over the years.

I am still in remission, so this was great news! A reminder of reducing stress, monitoring your diet, getting plenty of rest, and exercise. The most important lesson is to make memories every day!

My husband and I have always loved to fish! Fishing is one pastime we have in common. He has taken it to a higher level with competitive bass fishing that I support him in when he wants to compete. However, we enjoy going out on the lake. We were able to do a great deal of catch and release on our last fishing trip. We kept a few to share with our family and friends, but this big catch was released. She was able to go back and enjoy bringing more life to the lake!

A 16 inches long crappie

Our grandkids love to come to visit, and we love to have them! We are blessed to have three wonderful ones! Today I will share about our two grandsons and will share next time about our “teenage” granddaughter. Oh, how they grow so fast!

Abram is our Kindergarten student who could remind you of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory with his intellectual approach and sometimes quirky ways. He can name all of the planets, tell you descriptions of animals, and tell you what country has the peacock as their national bird. He remembers this information when it is presented to him. His favorite thing to do is to have you ask him math questions or to ask you questions. The love for dinosaurs is not lost as he has embraced it completely. Yes, you guessed it! He can name them all and tell you about those as well!

We built a T-Rex on his latest visit and several other activities that included making things for his siblings. The love they have for each other is heartwarming. They openly express it, and I hope it never fades.

Alden is our three-year-old who desperately wants to be like his brother! He has captured the art of storytelling, and he utilizes his eyes and facial expressions to emphasize his message. Whenever he tells you about something that has happened to him, it happened on “Wednesday.” Wednesday seems to be his favorite day of the week. This is the day everything happens in his life. We have no idea why, but it is. He enjoys playing with the train tracks, playdough, and building things in general. But he still wants to sit with me and read! Reading is what I love the most. His brother is reading now, and Alden wants to read too! He will read to me based on the pictures. They love Brown Bear, Brown Bear! I know they will get too big before I know it to sit on my lap or next to me to read, but for now, we will make a memory.

Moo Moo let me read you a story! ( Yes they all call me Moo Moo!)

Thank you for following my blog and being part of the solution daily. Together in life, we make memories and share lessons learned to provide hope for the future. Make a memory today as we help mold the foundation for the future.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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