Quietness sweeps across the countryside as the sun begins to rise in the east. A chill in the air brings a crisp feel to the morning as I reach for the warmth of the freshly made coffee. The soft warm blanket, a gift from the grandchildren remind me of the many times tfreshly made coffee.

The colors painted across the sky begin to awaken the beauty of the day on the horizon. Still, a fragrance, an aroma drifts with the breeze, and a hint remains of spring from the flowers in the garden. A lone little butterfly makes his way to the bush for one last visit before the air is to crisp and the wind brings the makings of the white snow.

The aroma of life this morning fills my soul with hope, love, and encouragement of what I imagine it can be. Nothing is impossible; I have said so many times before. It is so true. It may not be on the timeline we create but on time controlled by God. If only this time could be frozen in time, I could soak up all of the goodness right here on my back porch.

Mornings are the best for me when I can have the aroma of life to fill me up for the day. I can take in deep breaths of the fragrances drifting towards me or those I have made to enjoy. Freshly brewed coffee, the pumpkin fall scented candle, a new load of laundry just beginning, blueberry muffins baking and all of the fragrances of nature drifting into my home or on the back deck where I sit bring memories and life.

May the aroma of life always keep me mindful of the faith I have, the love I know, and all I will share with others. May I spread the fragrance of life today, tomorrow, and consistently through the acceptance of Jesus. “We are to God the pleasing aroma of Christ among those who are being saved and those who are perishing.”—-2 Corinthians 2:15

I can only imagine the fragrance and aroma of life you will find, have, or create. Life is a journey filled with opportunities; fill yours with all that brings you closer to what is essential to you. Blessings.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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