Buzz, Ring, Ding sounds the alarm to get up, wake up and start moving to start the day! Put one foot in front of the other as you step into your day of finding solutions, solving problems and making a difference in the lives of others. It starts on a motivated Monday, a thoughtful Tuesday, a wisdom Wednesday, a thankful Thursday, a forward Friday, a solution Saturday and a spiritual Sunday. A week full of days that count up to a month and over time equal years to add up to a lifetime before we even realize.

The center of it all is your heart. Your heart is the core of who you are and is what works with your brain. These two parts hold all of the contents of your values, opinions, feelings, decisions, fears, memories and experiences.

Taking care of our inner health is an important part of what we do daily in order to serve others in the best way possible. If you are not at 100 percent, then we will be lacking in areas and not able to respond in our best way.

Influences can affect our thoughts, but our hearts hold our sources of love. Our minds can be changed, but our hearts can not. The heart can be broken and it can be won. It takes a great deal to win over a heart which is strong with core values and has been cared for each day.

The day wakes us to face it without knowing what it may bring, but the brain knows it will discover, and the heart knows it takes careful consideration of each moment in the day. Nourishment, rest and all we can do to help our bodies conserve the energy we need before it is zapped and depleted is a priority.

There is one more thing to worry about. It is when we let those distractions, obstacles, and disappointments get into our hearts to sap our energy. Before we know it, all of it goes to our heads, sending messages of doubt to get us off track. Then we hear words of negativity, and as they continue, we feel discouraged and damaged emotionally. I am sure many of us know how that feels. How did we allow this to get into our hearts in the first place where it does not belong and into our mind to repeat it back as if it was true?

The influences of those around you can be positive or negative. Take a check and ensure all those around you bring value to your life. It is a give-and-take world in which we try to live, not to take, take the world in which we try to exist as it is making each day better than the day before.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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