October brings many changes! Leaves begin to bring vivid shades of color to paint our landscapes with reds, yellows and orange. The temperature slowly dips down below 70, 60 and sometimes 50. A great reminder to check up on many items! Is the furnace ready to bring warmth to our homes, do we have our clothing prepared for colder days and are we ready for colds and flu!

Schools need to prepare for those days when the colds and flus begin to try to make their ways into our schools. On every classroom list you will find those hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes and Kleenex. Often teachers use their own money to supply the classroom with materials like these.

Great news! There is a few companies working together to support classrooms! All schools have to do is complete a request with an opportunity to receive support for their schools. Apply today to get these important resources.

Important Tips

Keep parents and families informed throughout the season with tips, needs, and how the school is doing. If you need something, never be afraid to ask. If you are not a parent or involved with a school, please consider dropping off a box of Kleenex, disinfectant wipes or donating. It takes all of us.

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