Brenda, her grandaughter, and her husband selfie on a boat

Capturing moments when you can enjoy time together as a family is truly precious. We cherish those opportunities, and it warms my heart to see that my daughter also recognizes the importance of each grandchild having their own special time with us, one on one. We believe in fostering individual connections and making memories tailored to their interests and desires.

In our family, fishing holds a special place as a cherished tradition. It's an activity that has brought us closer and created countless unforgettable moments. I remember how my daughter used to travel with us every year to visit her Aunt and Uncle in Oklahoma for a week-long fishing trip. It was a time of bonding, laughter, and shared experiences on the serene waters.

Even when my daughter was nominated to be a Homecoming Queen candidate, she surprised everyone with her choice. While others were dreaming of luxurious cars, she simply wanted to ride in her dad's trusty bass boat. That's just who she was – someone who found joy and contentment in the simpler things in life, like casting a line into the water and waiting patiently for a bite.

Now, as the torch is passed on to the next generation, my granddaughter expressed her desire for a day of fishing. Her enthusiasm was infectious, and my husband decided it was the perfect opportunity to teach her more than just angling skills. He told her it was time for her to learn how to drive the boat as well.

As we set out on that sunny day, the anticipation in the air and a little nerves as well. My granddaughter, armed with her fishing rod and a sense of adventure, took the helm under her grandfather's patient guidance. The sparkling water mirrored the excitement in her eyes, and the boat glided smoothly across the surface.

“I feel free out here!

We spent the day casting lines, sharing stories, and relishing the tranquility of nature. It was a great day, filled with laughter, teaching moments, and the joy of passing down family traditions. The bond between my granddaughter and her grandfather grew even stronger as they navigated the waterways together, creating memories that will forever be etched in their hearts.

She has always captured my heart and everyone who meets her.

These are the moments that truly matter, the moments when we can step away from the busyness of life and focus on what truly brings us joy – the love and connection we share as a family. And as we continue to let each grandchild request what they want to do, within reason, we ensure that these precious moments become cherished memories for all generations to come.

Teaching and learning are a priority. This is our number one concern in helping to build a strong foundation. Our focus is not to seek those who are seeking to answer correctly but to continue to question and seek.

To continue to grow, we need those who will search for new ideas, find discoveries, explore, innovate and discover. Pushing thoughts and ideas and preventing opportunities to question and choose will cause group thinkers.

As you look at the world through your lens, what do you see?

Education, I have said for decades now, is “Something we do with children, not to them.” The perspective we take, the choices we make, and the relationships we develop will impact education. This is a powerful influence for today and future generations and in what lies ahead. Sitting in our classrooms today are those who will be in charge, leaders, and innovators who will change tomorrow.

Through my lens today, I see a much-needed change. People are working to bring changes and provide hope and encouragement. It is a time for everyone to work together; at home, school, and community, and I believe there is one more piece at least to add to this puzzle. Maybe you can help me find it. I know the pieces I used as I worked to help the individuals I served, and I know you will too!

As a small child, I never really thought about teaching. Then as I reflect on my memories, I did not know think about education because I had a bad experience in 3rd grade, so I blocked out all of the opportunities I experienced teaching throughout my childhood.

My parents did not have an education, so I spent time reading stories to my father. I shared this with my grandchildren in one of my Christmas themes. I gave them a basket of books wrapped up. They unwrapped one each day starting after Thanksgiving with family activities to do until Christmas, sharing with them the reason for my love of reading.

I also was given opportunities at church to teach Sunday School to the little children, do a youth group and supervise the trip to the Church Camp. All great experiences which led to my career in education. I thank my parents, my minister, and those special teachers along the way who paved my path.

Just this past week, my daughter called to ask if I could teach for the rest of the school year my youngest grandson, who is four years old. I said, Yes, maybe faster than she had time to get the words out. He does not turn five years old until December, so he missed the cutoff to kindergarten this year. Which is a good thing; he still has maturing to do before taking that step. However, he has been at this same school for a long time now with the same staff and growing a little tired of things. He is a typical boy and a handful. My grandchildren are all different in their personalities.

I had not had the opportunity to spend as much time with my youngest grandson as I have with the other two, so I could not wait to have this time together. My love of teaching and learning was going to hopefully rub off on him. I wanted him to have the same kind of passion.

I have been away from teaching for a long time, but I was eager to get back to the routine of daily plans. I had not taught Pre-K but had overseen the program for a few years. I knew all of the things we needed to do. Day one was here, and I was ready to pick up my student.

Never let any moments be missed by being a teachable moment. So the drive time would be full of conversation and teaching. However, I was his teacher and grandmother too. He started talking to me about a little boy who had bad breath because he did not brush his teeth and would breathe in his face. I told him, “Well, you know when something like that happens, we do not want to hurt their feelings, so we may want to say something like: I brush my teeth every morning-He interrupts and says, “Yes, I told him I brush my teeth every day because of germs and being healthy. He does not like to brush his teeth.” I see, I told him. Well, maybe the teacher can help. “I don’t think so. My teacher hurt my heart.”

His voice had turned to a soft voice of despair. I looked in the rearview mirror to see his eyes looking down. My heart was breaking. “How did your teacher hurt your heart?” She was yelling at me all the time. His voice got more robust. He looked up and pointed his outstretched arm pointing straight ahead. Get on the wall. That is what she would say. Then she would point her hand like this to put my head down.” The vision of him pointing his finger and arm, the voice yelling-it was my third-grade teacher. I knew exactly how he felt. Oh, my goodness. This can’t be. How could this have happened to my little boy?

We have completed our first week of school. He is enjoying our routine and the work we are doing. I am working hard to correct the negatives and replacing with positives. It will take some time and an excellent teacher for a few years to help him heal. I know he will have them, and I believe in our teachers.

We must all be reminded of the power of our words and actions. What we think we are doing to be firm in setting guidelines could be sending the message of hurt when we are not communicating the what, how, and why. He said he was silly on this day but then changed it to happy. This makes every teacher and grandmother happy too!

I look out our back window and I can see all of the pine trees we planted as we first moved to this home. We planted all of the trees 30 years ago. It is amazing to see how much growth they have had and all of the memories shared in this little corner of the world we call home.

To all of the Dad’s we thank you for the memories you have provided and the way you have shaped those over time. All of the work, love and care will be shared for generations to come. Dad’s and Mom’s are important parts of a great team in building a foundation for the family! Happy Father’s Day!

Just a few of the pine trees are on the back side of our property. Right behind the trees, the county preserve begins. We enjoy deer, eagles, owls, pheasants, rabbits, and other animals that find their way to visit.

Happy Father’s Day

I want to send all of the Father’s a heartful message of gratitude for being the best for the children! Dad’s are so important to children and so thankful to have two great ones involved with my grandchildren. They have their dad and they have grandpa! Going to events they are involved in and sharing many memories. Enjoy all of the time you can!

Pieces will Fit

Do you have a childhood memory of something you did with your family? One of my memories is opening a box full of different shapes, colors, and a picture to follow as you put the pieces together. Putting jigsaw puzzles together was one of those memories from my childhood. We enjoyed many hours working together to fit the pieces together to finally see the pieces fit together to create the picture on the box.

Celebrate, Honor and Build

Juneteenth is a Federal Holiday being recognized on Monday across the United States. Juneteenth honors the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States. The name “Juneteenth” is a blend of two words: “June” and “nineteenth.” It's thought to be the oldest African-American holiday, with annual celebrations on June 19th in different parts of the country dating back to 1866. Let’s celebrate and learn more!

Strength-How do you measure it?

Strength can be deceiving! We never know our strength level until we are pushed to use it. Strength comes in many different forms and types. The pillars of strength are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. How strong are you? I think we can discover more about strength this week!

Raise the Bar

How low can you go? Always a fun dance challenge at weddings! I think we are doing the dance with our standards as we talk about lowering standards in areas. Announcements have been made to change the standards for acceptance into receiving a teaching license due to shortages, pilots' standards have been lowered due to a shortage, and the U.S. Airforce lowered standards in their flight training to improve graduation rates falling. What other standards are changing?

Your Voice is Important

How do you share your thoughts? Do you comment on posts? Have you shared posts? I would like to know. Your voice is important.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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