We Can with Two Rules Wednesday 9

New Rules? New Roles for Principals

What does the job description for a school principal look like in 2023? A lot has changed since the beginning of this century. For most of the twentieth century, principals were taught that one of the most critical aspects of their job was managing the school building.

Today, school principals are doing so much more each day.
How do you define the role of the principal?
How can leaders build up their resilience, support and self-care?

  • Develop a support network with other leaders in your area, then expand this to reach out to other states and globally utilizing social media platforms. Ask questions, find out what they are doing, and see what is working and what is not.
    • Check to see what platform works best for you and where people are at who match your needs. This is not to add more work to you but to narrow your focus to engage with others to support your needs.
  • Listening and Asking Questions
    • When we allow ourselves time to listen to others, they feel valued, and we feel comfort in knowing we are building relationships. Asking questions provides us with opportunities to grow deeper. Everyone has experienced trauma. I can safely say this, as the global pandemic was felt in every corner of the world. We will never know, if we never ask the questions.
    As school years are ending, the work continues for our leaders. Leaders will continue to work with an extended contract with summer schools, summer camps, building maintenance, hiring of staff, setting up schedules, planning the next school year,
    and so much more. In those plans, I hope is some time to take care of their needs and family needs.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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