My blog today talks about “Tell stories to change lives.” I have always been the authentic me. Telling your story does not make you less of a leader but an individual who can make a difference in the life of another. People want to know about struggles and they especially want to know they are not alone in them. When we share stories of overcoming, this gives others hope.

Having a life-changing injury did not sit well with me and provided me with the fight to work to regain as much as I could to get back to work! When one battle is won, you may find a new one for fighting, and it is through your passion, grit, and courage you will overcome to continue the work you want to do. It may not be in the way you did it before, and you may need to find different ways, but you will discover the how.

Thank you to Yo Taylor, who began following me and reached out to ask me to be a guest on her Podcast. She is a beautiful soul and is helping to bring positive changes in the work she is doing. We all share space, and learning to help each other in feeling good and safe is the best first step to take.

I apologize for the lighting and connection on my end. I live in the country and am not set up for Podcasts. I hope you can still find words to inspire you.

A story to tell, and The gifts are my stories for today. We have many to share to help others know they are not alone in their struggles. I can; you can; we can be the solution today in a world so thankful you are in it each day!


We still live in a world where judgment comes before the opportunity to provide evidence of innocence or to provide details to prove wrong the thoughts of the judgment placed on the individual or individuals.

Why do I bring up this point? Because I have lived the judgment, the made-up narratives and stories, and the prejudgment based on gender, color, and injury. But most importantly, I have worked with children who face many barriers in life, but they do not need to be counted out. Courage is something I can recognize in others as they face daily challenges and strive to come to school and work to gain an education.

We will continue to raise the bar high for ourselves as educators and for our students. If they can overcome the challenges in life, I know they can overcome any obstacles which will come their way with the right tools, resources, and techniques. No excuses are needed. We need high-performing educators with children setting the bar high to achieve.

Those who have and are achieving despite all the odds against them are a sign; it can be done. Let’s do it with all students! Ready, Set, Go!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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