We have many days of the year marked as special days to celebrate something. Even months are dedicated to celebrating a particular cause, a point in history, or a reminder to ourselves about the importance of specific detailed information.

Do we need all of these days to remind us to celebrate events, things, people, and essential parts of who we are? We continue to add to our list of celebrations, events, and honors, but do we celebrate all of them?

Do we honor for an entire month a specific topic? If we do, do we ignore it the rest of the time? Sometimes within the month are several items to select from, so do we honor each one simultaneously?

We can make things very complicated for ourselves by trying to remember what to celebrate and when. I saw a very similar tweet this year as I did last year from one of my favorite authors. She shared a tweet from a teacher blacking out names not to identify the teacher. The tweet was straightforward, as the platform does not allow you to expand in depth. She simply made a plea to the author if she had anytime she could pop into her classroom via Zoom to share with her students during black history month. She wanted to make an impression on her students during this month by being able to accomplish anything they could dream of by providing them with an opportunity to hear from an author they admired.

The response was: “They should see us every day, not just during BH month.” In her retweet she stated, Yup, I said what most black authors were thinking.

My heart ached for the teacher; she had already presented her books to the students because she stated she was “an author they admired.” This teacher followed the calendar of the monthly celebrations we are guided to follow in the curriculum and policies to celebrate. I am sure the response embarrassed and crushed the teacher. Although, she should not be. Reaching out to ask for support from others is always a risk worth taking. Please continue to ask; you may get no response or a flat-out no. Just continue to ask, and you will find a yes along the way.

I have stated in many posts about the power in our words and our actions. It is the choices we make which determine if we are part of the solution or part of the problem. If our goals and purpose is to celebrate, then let’s celebrate. When it is a month in which you can contribute to others to help with the celebration, then help. If we do not want to do the celebrations, why do we have so many?

I am a breast cancer survivor, and we have been helping with Breast Cancer before I was diagnosed. We will continue to support this and pray for a cure.

My plans are always to give, and when others ask, I will do all I can to help them. If all of us can support each other, we will continue to be better than we were yesterday.

I am not like most people, I believe. My husband tells me often I am not normal. I rarely turn on the television and prefer to read. In my time of reading and in his time of turning on the television, I have heard about potential food shortages as the next fear on the rise in our country.

As an educator for 25 years, I know children do not always eat all the food prepared at school. We often prepare more than we need because, like in restaurants, it is better to be over-prepared than under. So what happens to all of the food in all places food is prepared and not used? It is thrown out is the answer, I believe!

Just a little food for thought! (Corny pun!). What if we could organize within our communities a way to gather the food not used and enjoy having pot lucks at local churches, parks, civic buildings, or other locations for anyone and all to come until the food was gone.

I would hope we would not have scenes of fighting or chaos but opportunities for those who need a little extra help to gain a free meal, engage in community spirit, and enjoy a few moments of being part of neighborly love.

We need each other now. Step up, speak up, show up and be the solution daily in a community that needs you to be part of it!

The arrow points to the cabinet that holds our different gowns, capes, and robes. Then in front of me are the containers to hold the dirty ones when we are completed. I will put my mask on and gather up my stuff to place in the lockers on the other side of this door.

The final day!

I took a picture in my dressing room. I call it my dressing room because I use the same room every day. It has become my room. I have a routine. I guess you put a mirror in every dressing room, but not sure we need one to see how we all look in these robes, gowns, and capes, I guess.

Then I always use locker #2. It is my locker. I like to stay in a pattern. I pick #2 because it is the number my grandson has used as his jersey number for hockey and baseball. It is easy for me to remember. Plus, the locker is on the top, and it is easier for me to get in and out of with my clothes.

I wanted to share some of the areas involved in the process. After placing all of my stuff in the locker, I turn left to the waiting area.

This is the area for women to wait for the technition to come to get them.

Then it is not a long walk down to the treatment area.

I have shared the picture of the treatment room. Treatments are given in the room all day long. I believe they are scheduled with no breaks as the technicians rotate to make sure everyone gets a break for lunch. I did not take a picture of the bank of monitors just before the treatment room because I did not want to take the chance of getting any medical data from other patients, including myself.

Celebration today at 11:45! We will have more pictures and the recording of the bell ringing if you miss it!. My daughter backed cupcakes for all of the staff. I am very thankful for each one and all of you! Making Monday Memories with family, friends, and finishing! Surviving Breast Cancer 2022!

Is Culture more important than Vision?

As the leader of your organization, you have a great deal of responsibility. There is no more significant responsibility than taking care of those you serve. All of your team members need to know your vision, but most importantly, they need to know they can trust you.

The culture of your environment is critical. The vision you have can be incredible, but a toxic environment can destroy it before you begin to build. What can you do as a leader? Let’s ask hard questions, design plans, and develop habits, processes, and purpose together.

How to find common ground?

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. Romans 14:19

One of my family members talked about how she’d pointedly been asked by a co-worker which political party she belonged to. The aim in asking the question seemed to be to predict whether she could agree with her on any number of issues. In an effort to find common ground between them, she simply replied, “Since we’re both believers, I’d rather focus on our unity in Christ.”

Many issues continue to divide a country which we claim to be The United States of America. How can you find common ground? We can point one another to truths. Instead of passing judgements on one another, we can encourage to seek truth. Why are we living without asking questions, seeking to understand, and having the truth confirmed without any doubts? Are we independent thinkers or part of group thinkers?

When did a difference of opinion cause division between you and another individual?

Absent from learning

“The report Report, originally published by the Government Accountability Office last month but updated with new information this week, is part of the federal government’s ongoing efforts to understand how the pandemic affected the country’s public school system. The data was pulled from a nationally representative survey of public school teachers that the GAO contracted Gallup to conduct about their experiences during the 2020-21 school year.” -US News Education, “Nearly Half of Teachers Had Students Who Never Showed Up to Class Last Year: Report” By

Continuing to strive for success

Success is a goal for each of us. Many tools, resources, strategies, and ways to develop success are available. We have looked at many different things on our path to success, and we will continue to strive to look at more. Success is always a work in progress and something you have today but can lose tomorrow. Change brings many elements into the circle, and we have to be prepared to handle change each day.


April 25, 2022

Thank you for celebrating with me this week! I believe in life; we celebrate as often as possible when we have reached a goal, accomplished something, or enjoyed a beautiful day. Gratitude shared daily is a gift we can all share together. Thank you for sharing your time, thoughts, ideas, and space with me!

Enjoy the beauty of nature today. Take a walk in the park, visit a nursery full of trees and plants, pause to hear the song of a bird, and capture the sunset with your eyes instead of the lens of a camera.

Earth Day is a particular time to appreciate the gifts we have been given and take the opportunity to do what we can to help keep our area of the world clean for others to enjoy. Plant a tree, flower or bush today. Feed the birds, pick up trash or recycle today. Do what you can to make the world brighter today! Blessings!

So happy for this book launch today!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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