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Today marks my anniversary of being diagnosed with breast cancer. It is my first anniversary, and I am cancer free. If you have experienced cancer, you know it is never too far from your mind. At the beginning of the diagnosis, it was all I could think of, and then it lessened.

Many people have stories of days that trigger a memory. Memories can be good; some are happy, and others are traumatic. Dates can trigger memories of events, a smell, or a sound. There are many ways to trigger a memory to the surface, and we have no control when it comes.

Our brains are our control center, and we can help in learning ways to help respond when we find ourselves in situations involving a trigger. The holidays are when we have many people who experience difficulties, so please check on those you know will have issues this year due to losing a loved one or an illness.

Dr. Tranel was one of the experts who assessed me after my accident in 2010, which resulted in a traumatic brain injury. Meeting him and going to his Iowa facility was a memorable event for me. My husband drove me, and we stayed overnight. The testing I cannot remember all of them, but I can recall all of the different rooms and equipment. In one of the testing rooms, I was placed in front of a big screen and told I would be viewing some video clips. The purpose of the testing was to measure my emotions. Other testing completed that day looked at my ability to smell and executive functions, to name a few of the comprehensive testing conducted.

Not to make this all about my test results, but my injuries did result in the loss of emotions, smell, taste and other deficiencies. My point in sharing this information is this:

Even if a traumatic brain injury is not the diagnosis of individuals in your classrooms, trauma over time can impact children's brains as they grow. “Trauma in early childhood can result in disrupted attachment, cognitive delays, and impaired emotional regulation. Also, the overdevelopment of certain pathways and the underdevelopment of others can lead to impairment later in life.” (Perry, 1995)

“The human brain is designed to sense, process, store, perceive, and act on information from the external and the internal environment. All of these complex systems and activities work together for one overarching purpose—survival” (Goldstein, 1995 cited in Perry, et al., 1995). The impact of trauma on brain development is reported in a new study that traumatic or stressful events in childhood may lead to tiny changes in key brain structures that can now be identified decades later.

My plea today is no different than it has been for decades now. We need more mental health support for our children. Training and support for schools are needed as well. These recommendations come from my personal and professional experience. The behaviors we see in classrooms are, most of the time, a result of the effects of trauma.

Ever had a child pushed all of the papers off the desk? I pushed all the papers off the desk in one of my therapy sessions. I cannot believe I did that, but I did. Totally not in my personality, character, or what I would have allowed happening in my classroom. However, now I understand the level of frustration and the inability to process how to handle it. This incident occurred early in my treatment, but I can remember the day.

Every choice we make has a consequence in life, and we need to teach children this early in their life. However, we need to meet them where they are and provide the resources, support, and guidance they need as they grow to develop the skills they need.

Respect, trust, and responsibility are the first basic skills we work on in Two Rules. We all must work on them to make the differences we want to see reflected in our schools, homes, and communities.

Everyone has a story to tell, and I have many. I believe I have been given many opportunities in life to learn to pass on to others. My injuries are not something you can see or identify. I have been provided with many ways to continue strengthening myself and building. It is me who defines who I am and not the titles given in life, names of illnesses or injuries. Please pick up your pen and continue to write your story to share with others as we help in growing a better tomorrow than today. Be the solution daily in a world so thankful you are in it!

So when my friend asked if I would go with her for her mammogram, I said yes. I am back where I was when my breast cancer was discovered, my treatments began, and where my doctors all are who helped me say today, “I am cancer free.”

While sitting in the lobby, I was able to hear the ringing of the bell. Someone has just completed their last treatment. I started clapping as people started looking at me. It is a celebration!

Then when she came through the doors in her wheelchair, the clapping began again, and as she passed me, I said, “It feels great to have those treatments complete.” Through our masks, I could tell she was smiling, and she could tell I was too! She said, “Yes, it is!”

What a great day to be able to share with a stranger the blessings today of completing the treatments and knowing my friend is being checked out as well to make sure she is keeping an eye out for early detection.

If you have not been checked, please get it checked if you are being checked regularly, great! Support all that you know who are suffering from cancer! When you ring the bell, you are so excited, but we all know there is always a chance for us to return. However, we are survivors and continue to fight to keep cancer in check.

I know so many who have lost their battles, and I know how much they fought. Cancer is horrible. Please continue to support the research. One day we will be able to say our world is Cancer Free.

My best friend brought this to me this morning—one of the first things she said to me after my diagnosis. The date reflects the last radiation treatment for breast cancer! My diagnosis came on December 22, 2021. I am cancer-free today, but cancer will forever be a part of my life.

Facing fear is the first step. You gain courage, strength, and confidence with each experience. As you meet this journey with strength, faith, and support, you know as you continue, you will become strong. It would help if you were strong for others facing this same path, for family and friends who are unsure what to do to help. It is in the faces of those who serve and treat you who bare the most significant burden—rotating through so many patients in and out to provide them with all they can to make it the most comfortable for each one.

I received the best care from exceptional people! Always surround yourself with amazing people! On most days I checked in with Bobbie before heading to my locker to change.

My faith has always remained strong. In my life, I have faced many challenges, heartaches, illnesses, and deaths. God reminds us there is a season for everything. “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1

My friend Valarie gave this to me, and I carried it each day. A beautiful reminder to me of my faith, hope, and strength.

Encouragement helps each of us daily. We need it to keep going. I am blessed to receive it from many sources. It is so important to lift others daily. A friend of mine has advised me always to show up! I did my very best to show up each day to write, no matter how I felt. It is essential to be there for others consistently.

My daughter, sister, best friend, and spiritual sister took time to take me to treatments, talk to me daily, and pray with me each day. We started today with breakfast and drinks!
I had time to speak with my doctor Daniel H Barnett, MD, PhD. He was paged when we were doing the bell ringing and pictures. I was unable to get a picture with him, but we will meet again in 12 weeks. I can’t thank him as well as all of the others on this journey. I will continue to share more as I see all of them in May!
Let’s Ring the Bell!
Radiate Hope and my Angel come from the department. I also received the certificate signed by all of them about my completion of treatments. A neighbor makes the angel of one of the technicians. Such a special place!

My best friend Jeanette gave me a card that I share with all of those facing cancer and any health issues.

Blessings to each one of you! I am so thankful for so many and feel very blessed in my life. I praise God daily and know the path I travel is meant to provide for others. If you have gained something from this journey story, I hope you can help others rise, rise yourself, and to know: You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Philippians 4:11–13 is a little video.

The arrow points to the cabinet that holds our different gowns, capes, and robes. Then in front of me are the containers to hold the dirty ones when we are completed. I will put my mask on and gather up my stuff to place in the lockers on the other side of this door.

The final day!

I took a picture in my dressing room. I call it my dressing room because I use the same room every day. It has become my room. I have a routine. I guess you put a mirror in every dressing room, but not sure we need one to see how we all look in these robes, gowns, and capes, I guess.

Then I always use locker #2. It is my locker. I like to stay in a pattern. I pick #2 because it is the number my grandson has used as his jersey number for hockey and baseball. It is easy for me to remember. Plus, the locker is on the top, and it is easier for me to get in and out of with my clothes.

I wanted to share some of the areas involved in the process. After placing all of my stuff in the locker, I turn left to the waiting area.

This is the area for women to wait for the technition to come to get them.

Then it is not a long walk down to the treatment area.

I have shared the picture of the treatment room. Treatments are given in the room all day long. I believe they are scheduled with no breaks as the technicians rotate to make sure everyone gets a break for lunch. I did not take a picture of the bank of monitors just before the treatment room because I did not want to take the chance of getting any medical data from other patients, including myself.

Celebration today at 11:45! We will have more pictures and the recording of the bell ringing if you miss it!. My daughter backed cupcakes for all of the staff. I am very thankful for each one and all of you! Making Monday Memories with family, friends, and finishing! Surviving Breast Cancer 2022!

Is Culture more important than Vision?

As the leader of your organization, you have a great deal of responsibility. There is no more significant responsibility than taking care of those you serve. All of your team members need to know your vision, but most importantly, they need to know they can trust you.

The culture of your environment is critical. The vision you have can be incredible, but a toxic environment can destroy it before you begin to build. What can you do as a leader? Let’s ask hard questions, design plans, and develop habits, processes, and purpose together.

How to find common ground?

Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification. Romans 14:19

One of my family members talked about how she’d pointedly been asked by a co-worker which political party she belonged to. The aim in asking the question seemed to be to predict whether she could agree with her on any number of issues. In an effort to find common ground between them, she simply replied, “Since we’re both believers, I’d rather focus on our unity in Christ.”

Many issues continue to divide a country which we claim to be The United States of America. How can you find common ground? We can point one another to truths. Instead of passing judgements on one another, we can encourage to seek truth. Why are we living without asking questions, seeking to understand, and having the truth confirmed without any doubts? Are we independent thinkers or part of group thinkers?

When did a difference of opinion cause division between you and another individual?

Absent from learning

“The report Report, originally published by the Government Accountability Office last month but updated with new information this week, is part of the federal government’s ongoing efforts to understand how the pandemic affected the country’s public school system. The data was pulled from a nationally representative survey of public school teachers that the GAO contracted Gallup to conduct about their experiences during the 2020-21 school year.” -US News Education, “Nearly Half of Teachers Had Students Who Never Showed Up to Class Last Year: Report” By

Continuing to strive for success

Success is a goal for each of us. Many tools, resources, strategies, and ways to develop success are available. We have looked at many different things on our path to success, and we will continue to strive to look at more. Success is always a work in progress and something you have today but can lose tomorrow. Change brings many elements into the circle, and we have to be prepared to handle change each day.


April 25, 2022

Thank you for celebrating with me this week! I believe in life; we celebrate as often as possible when we have reached a goal, accomplished something, or enjoyed a beautiful day. Gratitude shared daily is a gift we can all share together. Thank you for sharing your time, thoughts, ideas, and space with me!

I hope you can join us on Monday, April 25th at 11:45 (Central Time) at my Ring the Bell Celebration to conclude my Radiation Treatments! I cannot thank all of you enough! I want to thank all of my family, friends, and the medical staff for supporting me through this journey! If you cannot attend, don’t worry. We are recording it as well. It will not take long to ring the bell! I have had the opportunity to hear and see many rings the bell of the completing treatments. It is exciting every time to know we have completed these treatments. Some are longer than others, and some continue on to the next steps. Cancer is with us always, but we know we can when we have all of this support! Thank you!

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It is exciting when you have a countdown to completing something! Students think it will not be long now, and school will be done in time for summer fun. I am thinking about other things!

I am down to 6 more radiation treatments! I am so thankful and blessed. I have received the best care and support during this time. The picture is of the treatment area. Let me describe it for you as the patient.

When I first enter the room, I have two individuals who greet me and ask me about my day and questions to help ease my nerves. Typically there is a white sheet over the center table. This is where I lay. It is a little tricky!

I have to take out my right arm because my treatment targets the right breast. My head goes into the red area, and my bottom is where the hump is located (which makes it hard to get on the table). My arms rest on the armrest above my head. I turn my head as far as I can to the left. One technician places a knee cushion under my knees. Then we begin to get aligned for the treatment. They have already identified three small tattoos to line up the lasers to ensure the radiation is targeted to the right areas. The sheet allows them to lift me and move me according to the measurements to align with the lasers. When everything is lined up, the ladies leave, and we begin.

The table moves back, and the machine (the blue) begins to rotate around. It stops, makes a buzzing sound, then clicks, buzzzzzzzzz, and then moves and repeats this three times. You do not feel anything during the treatment. The process for me takes around 15 minutes.

I will take some additional pictures for you this week to give you more insight into the behind-the-scenes look of the treatment process. One important thing you cannot see in this picture is the camera right above the table. The camera sends a live feed to the next room with a bank of monitors so the technicians can monitor the treatment.

I will tell you; I described this to my family and friends as my first ever Playboy photoshoot. It felt like I was experiencing something I would never in a million years do. I am an individual that wears two shirts because I think the first layer is too thin. Now I am lying on a table, hands over my head and a camera hooked up for all to see. I had no tattoos before, and now I do. This has taken me to a whole new level!

You have to find ways to laugh through the process and make the best of the situation you are in. The people taking care of me are the best! Make Monday more of a day to begin a week full of meaningful conversations, actions, and memories. Mine will start with gratitude as my friend Jeanette takes me to my treatment. We like to get ice cream after treatment!

The final countdown

It is the final full week of treatments for me! The more treatments I receive, the more it affects me. I am so thankful for the weekend breaks to recover and rest. All of those in the battle with cancer are at different points and levels of treatment and need continued support. I will share more this week!

Understanding the concept of success

As I continue to explore ways to support leaders in their journey to success, we will look at all of the ways to understand the journey's path. We will look at creating the life you choose, the responsibility, wisdom, action steps, and the dedicated efforts needed to continue to move forward. The concepts required will need more than just a brief explanation but a commitment to digging deeper into the practices.

Reach-Create the Biggest Possible Audience for Your Message, Book, or Cause by Becky Robinson

Reach launches this week on April 19, 2022. This book is excellent if you have a message you want to get out to others. How far is your Reach? You do not need to write a book to put your ideas out. I have challenged before to step up and influence others to make a difference in the world we ALL live in. Voices can be challenging to hear in a world filled with noise, but learning to stand out amid the noises helps to Reach the biggest possible audience while bringing value and making a meaningful difference. If you have not picked up your copy and are interested in purchasing, use the links below. Let me know if you would like a signed copy; I am sure Becky would be happy to help! We can get it to you!

Blessed and Inspired

This week let’s focus on the things, people, and places that remind us of the blessings we have and the inspiration they bring—the hope in each day that helps us rise to face anything. We have so much in our world fighting for our attention in negative forms, we do not see, hear or experience all of the wonderful we have. Do not let others or anything steal the joy from your heart and the faith you have to know….Sunday is coming!

Thank you for being a follower! My goal is to work each day to provide followers with solutions, thoughts, inspiration, motivation, and resources. I have recorded a message for you today. This is my beginning to bring video content to you. It is challenging to record yourself, but this content I wanted to share with you face to face. This was as close as I could get!
My first time trying to record myself and set up a YouTube channel. A difficult time for me, but we are facing it together! Thank you for being part of my journey!

Depending on the time you are reading and listening, I am on my way to surgery, in surgery, or recovering. I thank everyone involved in my care and treatment. May you find comfort in knowing we are never alone in any struggle we may face. Face everything and rise! Rise up!

❤️Love, love her, and know we will all rise when we face our fears!

You are the solution daily to so many never forget! Thank you for your leadership and service to others. We all rise together when we value all we do~many blessings, friends.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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