It is excellent to wake up to a new day! Especially if it is a Monday! A brand new week to face together and to enjoy the sometimes unpredictable weather.

In my life journey, I have faced many days not knowing what they may bring or if I would have the opportunity to see them begin. It is with God I give such praise as I see the sunrise on the horizon.

Many battles I have won in life with the healing hands of doctors guided by our Heavenly Father. Yet there are many I have won that I walked away from. They have strengthened my character. They taught me the importance it is okay not being able to prove you are right.

In the opportunities we are provided, we must always know you will find people we can never please, people who will never understand us, people who will feel threatened by us, and questions we don’t need to answer.

Always be the authentic you, and you will never have to worry about yourself. It is the others who work so hard to find ways to push a little button in you, but be grateful for all of the challenges you face. Who you indeed are can never be replaced by anyone else.

You seem to think everyone has left you in an empty space, abandoned by all, but it is a time for you to grow. When you reach the place where your path leads to the dreams you have thought of, remember to thank all of the days that brought you here.

I am thankful for each day, each person, every event, and lesson learned. I am who I am because of each one. All of the battles I have won.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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