One of the best ways to help yourself and others is to enrich your use of vocabulary intentionally daily. I have always practiced adding a word to our vocabulary in the classroom and with my grandchildren now. Words do not have to be extravagant or flamboyant to be selected to add to your list. You may already know the word, but do you do all of the power it holds in the way it can be used?

Words have power! One of the most important lessons we can provide is learning how much power we hold and how we utilize the words we choose to group. Great men and women have delivered messages of great power. Some of these individuals are not described as being strong by their physical appearance, but their words have stood over time as a solid foundation to build a great nation and inspired leaders for generations.

Authority is a word with many definitions and uses; here are a few:

Who is the authority figure in your life? Are you an authority figure?

I honor Authority?

What is the purpose of authority?

In the examples of the definitions of authority, power, decisions, influence, and knowledge are acknowledged. One of the most important aspects of authority is to protect our rights to life, liberty, and property. Authority can be used to provide order and security in people's lives. Has having authority in your community and life helped you? How does authority help you and others? How do you honor authority? What are ways you can succeed with those in authority?

As we add value to our power by enriching the usage of the words we choose to group as a message, take the time to be reflective in journal devotion time.

Reflective Journal Devotion Time

Today the value of authority is the power of the language usage we seek to grow to protect life, liberty, property, and honor. What are words to help embrace the wisdom of authority? What is the message needed to honor authority? How can a message be provided to understand the boundaries of authority, the responsibility of authority, and the influence authority has on making changes? Please help us to see the vision of the importance of authority to paint the words on the pages for others to see the best reflection of the greatness it has when it is written.

My example: Today, as you began to prepare yourself for the day, you already introduced yourself to our new word. You greeted the day with authority. You were awakened by the alarm clock or an authority figure in your home telling you it was time to get up to start the day. Then you took over by taking charge of preparing yourself for the day. As the day continues, the authority will meet you along the way at different times, places and stops. See how many times you can discover authority.

You can pose a reflective question each day and spend a week on the same word. At the end of the week, each individual could share a short one-minute speech on the word authority. Learning better communication skills and exploring thoughts to think about is an important enrichment activity for all.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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