I replied to a post one day. A woman posted that someone told her she was not an author unless she had a book on the New York Times best-selling list and was making money from her book.

I thought for a minute before I responded. Not everyone writes with the intent of becoming a best-selling author. The writer writes to share a story, to tell the truth, to help another, and to open minds and hearts. No author I have met so far has revealed the wealth of money they have received, only the love of writing and the rewards from others in the stories shared.

So, I began my response. Please do not let anyone be the author of your life story. When someone tries to disrespect you, say to them; I am so sorry you feel this way. You are the author of your life story. You are living the best life ever!

Writing is a healing process for some, a way to get to know yourself better for others, and a road to travel to bring you to new destinations. I am an author, but my book has not yet been published. I have articles that have been published in professional organizations and have written many reviews. I did not want to list myself as an author until another author told me I needed to do so.

Titles have not meant much to me, so I never thought about them. Many people think about those titles and initials after or before your name. It just matters if you are a kind human who can spread love, joy, hope, and happiness.

When you purchase a book, please remember the individual who wrote it took a very long time to create the story you are reading to make it just right for you to enjoy, learn, and cherish. Some authors write for a living, some do it on the side, and some do it because it was a goal to write a book one day, even when people said there would be no way!

Never settle for anything! Keep working hard to be what you want to be! You can be what you want to be! No Dream is to Big when you have the Courage to Believe and the Will to Do!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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