Have you ever went back to your neighborhood where you grew up? Do you still live in your neighborhood or community where you grew up?

Having lived in various places, we settled back home since our daughter was almost three, and now she's a mother of three herself—aged 16, 9, and 6. While my childhood neighborhood has changed, a few familiar faces remain, like Charlotte and Kirby.

Charlotte contacted me about my book, prompting a delightful visit where we reminisced about our tight-knit community's vigilance over us kids. We talked about all of her family and shared a little about mine. Kirby shared anecdotes about my dad I did not know or recall. It was fun to hear about the two of them working together for the city. My dad then began work at the GM plant. He later even produced a brick from the old Frazier school, where I went to school as a child and later taught before its closure.

Our neighborly bonds were profound and secure, their pride in my achievements evident. They wanted to know a little about the book and I told them it was about my approach to education. Kirby, however, intrigued, leaned back and asked, "How did you venture into teaching when your dad couldn't read or write?"

I explained to Kirby that my journey is detailed in the book, yet on that day, I didn't offer a clear response. I believe I didn't simply choose education as my career path—it was a series of doors closing and opening by a higher power. God guided me, instilling a passion for service and altruism, where giving without expectation became ingrained. Witnessing the smiles and successes of those I've touched fills me with profound joy. My initial teaching role, bestowed upon me by Minister Leon Korb at Cumberland Presbyterian Church, teaching Sunday School to young children, seemed insignificant at the time. Only later did I realize it was my true calling.

So blessed by the greatness of so many who were and are part of my life journey. I am grateful always.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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