Leading with Two Rules: Feeling Good & Feeling Safe is my first book, published in February 2024. However, the practices within its pages have been developed over my lifetime and fine-tuned during my professional career spanning over the past 25 years. The recent, heartbreaking news of another young child, aged 10, taking his own life this month has deeply affected me.

Seeing the media coverage, reading the articles, and viewing the images of Sammy Teusch, his loss has lingered in my thoughts. This video is just one of the many sources sharing his story. Reflecting on my collected materials, I am reminded of how much I encourage young individuals to use their skills and voices to shape the world. This video resonates deeply, as it captures the essence of what is needed to build a solid foundation for our children.

To ensure children feel good and safe, we must begin with a solid foundation. As highlighted in the TED talk, scientists emphasize the critical nature of the first five years of a child’s life. The brain's growth during this period is extraordinary! Building positive relationships from the very beginning is crucial to their success as individuals. Engaging with children as they grow fosters their abilities to understand language, expand their vocabulary, and develop communication skills, laying the groundwork for positive relationships.

Establishing a healthy home environment with consistent routines cultivates healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, the community's support provides a vital layer of structure, offering valuable resources and services to families in need. This extra hand strengthens the family unit, ensuring that every child has the opportunity to thrive.

In this journey of nurturing our children, we are not only shaping their present but also securing a brighter future for all. Let us continue to build a world where every child feels good and safe, empowered to use their voice and skills to make a positive impact.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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