Lead with Two Rules: Feeling Good & Feeling Safe released last week with a great start! I feel very blessed for all who have purchased a copy, wrote a wonderful review on Amazon, attended the virtual or in person book launch. I want to tank all of the individuals who worked to help with the launch by taking pictures, setting up food, putting out the books and supporting me.

The importance of my book is in the message I want every school, family, community and work place to have in order to implement. We can be the solution to feeling good and safe, when we work together!

The celebration of the release of Lead with Two Rules: Feeling Good & Feeling Safe continues for me as I send out more books in the mail, talk with people about the book in messages and schedule to be a guest on podcasts. I would love to do more and help people with bringing this to their school, community and workplace. We can do book clubs, workshops, talks and much more. It is not about money for me, but making a difference.

Please reach out to me if you would like to continue with Two Rules

I encourage you to purchase a copy of the book and discover what it is about. Please read the reviews left on Amazon and write a review on Amazon after you read it. I enjoy reading them each day and seeing the points people make about the book.

The reviews can be found on Amazon if you scroll down past the book, Authors page and you will see a row of stars. There will be a button to click to leave a review and to rate the book. I appreciate all of your help, support and being part of the solution.

Lead with Two Rules: Feeling Good & Feeling Safe by Brenda Yoho
Be part of the problem or part of the solution, the choice is always yours to make.

Understanding safety is integral to the Two Rule philosophy. We guide students in recognizing what safety entails, its appearance, and sensation, fostering a conscious choice to prioritize safety. Additionally, we address the potential escalation from reactive reactions which can lead to violence, emphasizing the importance of breaking that cycle.

The Two-Rules philosophy complements existing safety practices in schools. While schools have comprehensive policies, the two rules encourage students to grasp the underlying reasoning behind these protocols, emphasizing the personal aspect of safety. By urging students to consider safety as vital to their well-being, it shifts the perspective from a mere handbook category to a crucial, life-oriented mindset. Addressing the normalization of violence prompts reflection on whether students perceive certain responses as normal in various situations.

Ensuring school safety is crucial for a conducive learning environment. Measures like security protocols, mental health support, and community involvement contribute to a holistic approach in addressing safety concerns.

Psychological safety is paramount in schools, fostering an environment where students feel emotionally supported and free from bullying or discrimination. Implementing anti-bullying programs, promoting inclusivity, and offering mental health resources contribute to creating a psychologically safe space for students to thrive.

Addressing violence in schools requires a multi-faceted approach. Focus on fostering a positive school culture, providing mental health support, enhancing security measures, and promoting open communication between students, staff, and parents. Collaboration with the community and continuous evaluation of strategies are crucial for long-term success. All of the components of Two Rules.

Starting the implementation of Two Rules is the first step in interrupting the cycle of violence we are seeing as a reactive response to every situation which is faced it seems. We see lots of anger and we need solutions.

Lead with Two Rules: Feeling Good & Feeling Safe by Brenda Yoho
Be part of the problem or part of the solution,
the choice is always yours to make.

We receive messages, read reports, and heed recommendations to address issues in our school systems. However, we often fail to fully implement them with integrity, lacking inclusivity and consistency. Programs and curriculums come and go in a continuous cycle, yielding minimal progress akin to a hamster on a wheel. "Lead with Two Rules" offers a straightforward and consistent approach to laying a solid foundation for acquiring the skills outlined in the CDC video you watch below.


The video offers valuable insights that support our understanding of the current increase in youth violence and the widespread lack of skills across society. It emphasizes the importance of prioritizing factors to protect young people from violence for everyone's benefit. Implementing Two Rules, which focus on fostering problem-solving skills, positive relationships with trusted adults, and a commitment to education, can empower youth and give them purpose. These strategies align closely with the six approaches suggested in the video: promoting supportive family environments, ensuring quality education, strengthening youth skills, fostering a sense of belonging, creating safe community spaces, and intervening early to prevent harm and provide opportunities for safety and well-being.

Together We Can! Lead with Two Rules and be the solution each day in a world that needs you.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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