Can you finish this?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I do not know if anyone has ever asked you, “Can you finish this?” I asked myself this question after thinking; I am tired! I am tired of these hot spells and feeling like I weigh a ton! Then I am reminded that I have nothing to complain about and do not speak those words out loud.

Today I found myself face to face with the young lady I was talking with last week. We share the same birthday, and we thought it was great! However, I am 20 years older. Her mother was with her today, and she talked about having a breakdown over the weekend. “I was crying, and people came over to talk to me. One person said, don’t you have pain medication you can take. I have that medicine, but I do not want to be tired and miss out on my kid's life. They do not understand I have to do this the rest of my life.”

I looked over but did not interrupt their talking, and then the nurse came. I am sure people were trying to help, but she was in a different place. I am sure she has asked herself the question I wondered, “Can you finish this?”

All of us who have faced these challenging times but we rise and finish. We all have moments when we want to be “normal.” It made me think about some other thoughts. Have we asked others or ourselves real questions? When we ask these questions and receive answers, what do we do next? Here is an example:

The teacher asks the students to finish this sentence: I wish my teacher knew__________.

What does the teacher do next? What action steps does the teacher need to take?

Can you finish this?

Who am I?___________________________________

In my life I felt _______________________________

I am influenced by___________________________

I plan to pass on_________________________to others by___________________.

Take Action

The teacher needed to take action quickly! The student called out, “I have been trying to get your attention.” Asking others essential questions like these is critical in helping to take the steps in reaching all learners.

Learning about ourselves helps us take the steps by understanding our foundation. In addition, if we share this information, we appreciate and understand each other. We have, along our journey, found experiences and individuals to influence us. I believe the children in today's generation have twice the amount of influence than those from two decades ago. Think about all of the ways an individual can be influenced. How can we help improve influences today?

"I only have 2 rules!"
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