Can you believe what you see?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

“Every day, images pass across our screens. They exist everywhere: on television, webpages, social media, newspapers, magazines, textbooks, mobile phones and more.”-Frank Baker, Teach Kids to Read the Images they see

In our world today of photoshopped and the ability to alter pictures, it is not easy to believe what you see. As an elementary teacher, I loved using picture books in my classroom. My classroom was always full of ways to create and stretch our imaginations. We would take the pictures from the picture book and design a new book with words. Retelling the story was always a fun project!

Teachers helping our students learn how to sort through the pictures they see into learning is a significant need. I have included a video that is very interesting and helpful. Please begin; if you are not already doing it, teach children how to read pictures and determine their credibility.

Activities like this help students think critically, interpret and analyze. If you are not doing, please start, inviting students to read the images they see. Ask questions about the photos. When was it taken? Who took it? What is the purpose? Many questions can be asked and checked to validate the authenticity.

I have provided a vide link that is very interesting on this topic and a great one to share with staff. Pictures are said to be worth a thousand words, let's see if we can come up with a few!


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