Can we make kids do almost anything?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Kids are heading back to school. Teachers are waiting for them with lessons to learn. I don't think, or maybe teachers, do know all the power they have. Teachers can make kids do almost anything. I know, students don't do their homework, they act up in class, and the list goes on. But let's think about what influences we have over the children we serve.

I have included a link to an article written on four things teachers shouldn't ask students. It is an interesting article to read and to reflect on as we enter a new school year. If we could keep in mind children are smaller versions of adults trying to develop.

No matter what political party you belong to, or if you believe in getting the vaccine or not, we are asking children to wear a mask for an entire school day. We were already trying to conform them with many rules they had difficulties following, and now we are placing one more layer on them. (no pun intended)

Scientists, Doctors, politicians, parents, and school officials can not agree on one thing involving the condition of children amid this global pandemic. There has been only one disease eradicated with a vaccine and mass mandatory vaccines, and that is Smallpox. Covid-19 can not be solved using the same game plan as Smallpox, as Smallpox was not a disease created to be transferred between animals and humans. Covid-19 is much like the flu and common cold, but at a more severe level.

When we focus only on problems and our negative mindset, we fail to think to lead to the best solutions rationally. We lost so many to this horrible disease, but how many have we lost by the actions, decisions, and choices we made/make. The count is still to be determined, but my answer is no more. Stop all of these tactics, leaders; you have placed fear in the hearts of many, set families to make choices they do not need to make, turned people against each other and it is not one political side-it is humankind. No more, stop it today and lead the way you are supposed to lead.

So, can you make kids do almost anything? Look around for just a minute and pause. Kids are miniature versions of adults. Aren't adults being made to do almost anything by these leaders? Just my question, my thoughts, you reflect, you read, you think, and most do what you believe is right, not what someone else is telling you. Be the solution daily for a better day every day!

I have not received a great deal of feedback from my blog posts, but maybe I will. It is important to let you know I have been vaccinated; my husband has as well. My family members have had Covid-19 and survived; some did not. We have lost people we know to Covid-19, as it is a horrible disease. We have also seen arguments, violence, and so much more. It is time to stop and leaders to lead. Leaders are creating more problems than providing solutions.

Actions speak louder than words. Step up and be the standard for all to follow. The chaotic culture needs to be stabilized.
"I only have 2 rules!"
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