Calm breezes

Posted by Brenda Yoho

A calm breeze brushes across your face providing comfort to a day filled with many questions. Questions of the day continue to bring more questions. The breeze brushes once again, and the sun shines light providing hope for solutions.

“There is no medication like hope, no incentive so great, and no topic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.”

Orison S. Marden

Our thinking contiues daily filling our mind quickly. The breeze is stronger bringing more thoughts of fear, negativity and despair. Thinking needs to bring our beliefs and values to stand strong to the wind. Waves of emotions crash into us causing our thinking to shift.

Our beliefs are the foundation we stand upon. We have to remember, “a belief is not just an idea that you possess, it is an idea that possesses you.”-John Maxwell, A check of our thinking, is like a routine checkup for your health or taking your car in for an oil change. We need to check our thoughts, beliefs, and values routinely. If we see conflicts in our thinking, it is essential to recognize this and make repairs.

The calm breeze continues to remind us to establish a routine of checking our thoughts. Thoughts can influence our emotions and cloud our decisions. If we can control our thoughts, our emotions can be controlled. Making decisions based on our emotions is not always the best way.

How we focus determines our direction, thinking and decisions. If you want to change how we respond then our thoughts need to reflect who we want to be, how we want to do and what our focus will be.

The calm breeze can move swiftly, bringing waves of change or disruption. Thoughts control our emotions, behavior and focus. Leaders need to routinely find time to think clearly. Getting into the habit of thinking in a space where your thoughts can be developed. A special notebook or a comfortable and special place.

Calm breezes bring light

As the breeze continues to blow we can find the warmth within to face another day. The noise of the world is shouting louder and the breeze gets bigger, pushing us to take actions on the noise we hear. Many voices can be heard as the breeze whispers to us to think thoughts of healing, comfort, strength and peace. A storm is hitting parts of our world and the calm breezes can turn quickly into strong winds. “Why” is the question echoing through the wind as we look for answers from leaders far and near.

Calm breezes is what we need as we wait for the calm to return after the storm comes to an end. Please lead with a firm hand of strength to stop the destruction of life, health, and the environment. Peace is what we seek from the breeze.

  • Welcome the calmness found in the breeze
  • Take a breath and know the foundation you stand on
  • As waves of emotions crash into your shore, stand firmly in your beliefs and values.
  • Fears cannot guide us, but the light that shines bright on us will show the way.
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