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To map out a successful plan to implement an improvement plan, growth plan, or any change, you need a framework to build. In the design stages, you can see the vision of what is required to reach the destination. When we start on a drive to a vacation spot, we always type in the address to see the different routes that can be taken. How long will it take? What unique places are along the way we may want to stop to notice? Are there any areas we would like to spend more time in? Do we see great places to eat and rest? There are many choices to make when mapping out your framework to plan anything you want to implement involving action steps.


My vision is to bring all educators my philosophy of Two Rules and to provide a clear path for implementing the practices, strategies, and foundation to lead to a lifetime of success. It is more than academic gains; this philosophy helps to build on the five core competencies to support overall growth.

This work is so important to me; we have been reworking and re-writing my book it seems like a hundred times. It is worth all of the profession because it is in the quality of what I give to educators to help them serve the most valuable resource we have, children.

I plan to provide a free Framework for the Two Rules philosophy to those who follow with an email address. I will be setting up another opportunity to receive additional free materials through email. As I retired, I knew I wanted to continue to give back to those serving in education and to support them as much as I could. It is not easy giving all you have each day!


The first step in building is to make sure your foundation is solid. As a school leader, building a solid foundation is something to spend time securing. What is needed in a strong foundation?

  • What is the curriculum we will use?
    • What will students learn to be?
    • What will students learn to do?
    • How will students learn to live as citizens?
    • How will students learn about?
    • Why will students learn?
  • What are our core values and beliefs?
    • All students can learn.
    • Mistakes are learning opportunities.
    • Validation of self, others.
    • Communication-Providing feedback often, clear and consistent
    • Promoting growth in learning for all (staff, families, students)
    • Demonstrating positive character traits to build a nurturing culture.
    • These are some of many examples which can be used (I am not a fan of dodgeball, so when I get a chance, I always mention it. Dodgeball does not keep everyone in class actively engaged, promotes bullying, and causes fights. My opinion, but I think you can find where others feel the same way.

Begin with core values and beliefs, then your curriculum, and establish this as a foundation. When core importance and ideas are completed finding a common language is the next big step.

When you play board games or video games, you need to review the directions. Some of the games have similar rules, but some are different. In your school, the classrooms have different rules. Now, we just stated we have core values and beliefs. Then we talked about common language, how can we have different rules in classrooms? It isn't very clear, I know, but true.

At home, kids run into different rules as well. Mom may have different rules than dad; Grandma has different rules than Grandpa, which can go on and on. Rules are written in black and white making them easy to read, but then you have a gray area most people follow. The speed limit says 70 miles, but I am only going 74 miles per hour. I know many are smiling because we have all done it!

Helping our children understand how to follow all of the rules and expectations in a school setting and real-life situations can be difficult. “Miss Clemons lets us chew gum in her room, but Mr. Banks does not.” Who is at fault when the child forgets to spit the gum out before going to Mr. Banks' classroom? A rule was broken, and it became a problem. Now, what is the solution?

Start building your framework for your vision so you can see what you need to change it from a possibility to a reality. Sign-up with an email to follow Bethesolutiondaily, and my Framework will be coming to your email on November 1st. We will continue to build with additional free tools and resources.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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