Best practice to Effective practice: Always changing to grow!

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We all work to improve, be better, and implement best practices. We read, look at the research, apply our knowledge and experience. In discussions with our colleagues and our relationships with others, we learn how these practices are working. All of our efforts work together, along with a sound implementation plan to make continuous improvements as needs change.

As we bring a new program, practice, or approach, we establish a plan of implementation. The plan design monitors the progression by benchmark assessments. We are looking at all aspects of learning and teaching for positive results. We know it is working when the results tell us it is.

There is some resistance to changes, but we know to grow, we have to change. Best practices evolve as we discover new approaches. Professional Development is an essential piece to the puzzle of best practice to effective practice. Not only do we have to have a continuous plan of improvement for our curriculum and methods, but also in our training.

The global pandemic caused change quickly with no time to prepare. As educators responded with placing safety first as a priority, teachers and students began a virtual plan.

EdWeek Research Center reports, “The pandemic revealed that schools need to place a lot more emphasis on teaching the following soft skills to better prepare students for the future world of work:”

  • Working independently
  • time management
  • intrinsic motivation/self-starter
  • paying attention in a remote context
  • resilience
  • communicating in an online context
  • collaborating in a remote context
  • troubleshooting technical problems
  • ability to apply knowledge in different situations
  • managing/controlling emotions

These skills listed appear in the order of priority, according to their report. What skills are you focusing on in your instruction? Do you believe these are correct? Could we add it to the list?

Helping students build skills they need to increase learning on their journey is essential, but also remember to enhance their abilities to be leaders!

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