Be the Solution Weekly- February 13-19, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

This week I am trying to present information to you differently. Usually, I try to highlight what will happen each day this week to provide you with an opportunity to give some thoughts to ideas, decide which view is intriguing for you, and in general, offer a planning tool.

I always like to plan out my workweeks to know my daily focus, so I know what I want to accomplish. Many things can get in our ways sometimes, and we face disruptions and interruptions. It seems lately I have had my share of the unexpected as well.

I have tried my hand at making some video clips. Can I tell you it is difficult to do those on your own! Also, I am doing it with only my IPAD and no other devices to help. I know I need better lighting, a prompt to read from, a microphone, and my list could go on! But, it is a learning experience! I am finding my speaking is better when I am in front of people!

This week I want to bring you a few thoughts, ideas, and resources to help you continue to grow as an individual. I often share the importance of the value of giving to others. I do genuinely believe that is the best! However, I have given a great deal of thought to this idea: Who replenishes for us if we always give? When you give, you do get so much in return. However, there are times when givers feel down, and they need to be replenished. Can those who receive also give?

We have many things, thoughts, and ideas to talk about each week. While researching to prepare for some coaching, I wanted to know what people expected from leaders. What do you expect of leaders? If you are a leader, are you providing what you would expect? Ask others to see what they think? I am eager to know more.

It is Valentine's Day this week, so don't forget to celebrate! Always something we can celebrate! Find ways to bring celebration, joy, and fun to what you do each day! It will be a great week full of thoughts, ideas, resources, inspiration, and solutions!

Make it a great day or not; the choice is always yours to make! Be the solution daily!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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