April 22nd is?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Enjoy the beautiful gift of the world we live in today. Push away the noise humanity has created to hear the sounds of nature. Clear the cluttered streets and landscapes and find a corner where nature has claimed for itself. Watch with open eyes and opened minds to see what nature creates in the most ordinary places.

Red finches have decided the best place to raise their family is in building their home on our back porch inside the warmth and protection of my spring wreath. The morning chirps are refreshing, but she gets startled, and so do we when we forget and use the back door. We have always used our back door, but now we expect babies soon, so no more back door. We must let the family keep the eggs warm and protected.

We have named the mother Chirpy because she uses her voice a great deal. If only I knew what she was saying. Saw the father last night. We think there are five eggs, but there could be six. We do not want to disturb them. I will keep you posted on our expanding family!

I hope your school, community, church group, or other groups are using today to take action in cleaning up areas. Pick up parks and roadways, help neighbors with their yards, and make sure to be safe while picking up. Use protective gloves and do not pick up or touch something suspicious. Contact the police if you find something questionable.

Plant a tree, grow a community garden, start a recycling club or a walking nature club. Get out and enjoy the beauty of the world and away from the negativity they want us to stay focused on.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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