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“Mom, can you pick up the kids at school on Thursday for me? Just bring them and meet me at my school so I can get them to their practice. Alex is going to get Alden from his school.”

I love every chance I get to be with the grandchildren. They are the best! Abram is the first one out and in the car. We go through our usual greetings and begin our conversation about how the day was at school.

Abram is not a typical kindergarten student, in my opinion. In fact, I would say he is one of a kind. He explains in detail all of the learning taking place in his classroom. Abram tells me about all of the long vowel sounds, the words they are learning, and the difference in the sounds of short and long vowel sounds. He moves onto math when we see his sister Aubrey trying to spot our car.

Aubrey joins in the conversation, but being in middle school, she does not have the details her brother was eager to share. Then Abram makes the best aha statement as a lesson for all in the car!

“You know when I am in my classroom; I raise my hand all of the time even if I am not sure of the answer. Other kids don't raise their hands. I think even if I get it wrong, I am still learning, and you should always try.”

Aubrey was shaking her head, no. People will make fun of you when you are my age.

Abram, they shouldn't because everyone is learning. You should always ask questions and try to answer them. I am going to do that all of the time. I like learning.

The influence of others has an impact on how we respond to situations. Aubrey has changed schools several times. She has only been at this school for a short time. It isn't easy to establish yourself in a community school when kids have been together for years, and you are the new kid. She is working towards building confidence, but she is not there yet.

Abram started school new like everyone else. Plus, as I started, he is unique. He can analyze every situation and come up with his version of a solution. I am not going to say it is always right, but he is never afraid to try. He says, “Hey guys, I have an idea.”

I am so thankful for the excellent teachers they have and have had in their educational journey. They are both exceptional students who feel comfortable with their teachers and administrators. It is a beautiful blessing to have positives when you hear terrible stories of teachers. The news makes you think all teachers are doing a terrible job. Well, I know so many that are doing an exceptional job!

Encourage questions, praise risk-taking, allow innovative solutions and creativity. We do not want our children to be answers getters but solution seekers. Lift them to seek out more in learning than just getting an answer correct.

“MooMoo, how do they make shoes?” (Yes, my grandchildren call me MooMoo it is a long story, but my husband started the name thing. It’s okay. Unique, just like them!)

I am not sure which shoes you are talking about because they all use different materials. Let's investigate and do some research!

Be the solution daily by being present in the moments to help them grow in many ways! Thank you for all you do!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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