A truck pulled into the driveway…..

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I heard the sounds of a delivery truck pulling into the driveway. I was not expecting anything, and I knew my husband was not either. He mentioned he had something coming but not for today.

Maybe it was for the neighbor. Then I heard steps outside and something placed on the porch. I guess they are leaving it here. I get up to open the door and find a long box with Flowers written on it. Flowers?

I looked at the box; it had my name on it. What could and who is this from? Then I opened the box to find a dozen roses so beautiful. The card is from the lady who spoke with me on the phone Necyrill from Capital One. Wow!

The day I spoke to her, I was exhausted from my radiation treatments. It was in the afternoon and on a Friday. Those are the most challenging days. I had been transferred to her, and I was exhausted. She could hear it in my voice. I told her, “I am sorry, I am just exhausted today from radiation treatment. I just wanted to get this taken care of today.” She worked on everything and got it all done for me. She had to place me on hold a couple of times, but it was okay because I could rest.

Many blessings to Necyrill! I hope Capital One and others appreciate individuals like her who are the solutions to service and bringing more positives into our world. Please pass it on and share a little kindness with others today.

Flowers from Necyrill- You have been in my thoughts since we spoke. I hope you get well completely. Keep smiling and take care of yourself!

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