A moment, please.....

Posted by Brenda Yoho
There are no words for this day
It is a moment in time that will never fade away
My heart provides me hope, and a belief
To look up to the heavens with our grief
A moment, please....

The depths of our country's pain
We can not comprehend again
The lives lost are not forgotten today
As we watch we know, this is not the American way
A moment, please.....

Now, as we can all gather here,
Help each other wipe away those tears
Let us all fondly recall
One nation, under God, justice for all
A moment, please.....

A moment, please....

  • to give honor, praise, and love to those who serve our country
  • to give thanks to the freedoms we have and to never take any of these for granted
  • to say I love you to those around you
  • to understand what it is to be an American
  • to appreciate our rights to vote
  • to know the importance of being involved and active in being part of the solution
  • to take responsibility for your choices, actions, decisions, and responsibilities
  • to provide support to those in need
  • to unite together as Americans, no more divisions
  • to please take a knee, to pray

A moment, please to think and reflect. Prayers, thoughts to all of the families who have lost loved ones in Afghanistan. To all of those continuing to serve, who have served and their families: Thank you 🙏🏻🌟

As a Navy wife veteran, watching the scenes unfolded yesterday, I could feel the anguish for the loved ones watching. Is it my child, dad, husband, mom, daughter, or wife? It was....every American is a part of USA. God bless

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