A hiding place? Safe spaces

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I find myself reflecting on the troubles facing Ukraine, as well as others around the globe. Searching to find a safe place takes a different meaning when facing a war. My heart aches for the children, mothers, and fathers as they struggle with facing the fears, holding back tears, and hopeful for more than good cheers. They are in need in so many ways and can not wait for too many days.

Looking to my safe place, I find the reading of Psalm 32, in which David wrote about finding his ultimate safe place. David finds his place with God himself. “You are my hiding place; you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance.” (v.7). I heard a plea from a Ukrainian woman say, “Prayers are not enough.” The war is rough; the people are tough, but they need stuff! Food, medical supplies, protection, aircraft, weapons, and whatever we can provide to stop this invasion.

What we value is reflected in how we live. My understanding of the current war in Ukraine is a country trying to live with its values. Another country invades with the claim Ukraine belongs to them, living with the rules of this invasion, is not what the people of Ukraine believe or value. It seems the majority of the globe agrees that Russia is in the wrong, so why has this continued so long?

We watch the daily news reports of how Ukraine is battling and seeking to hold its position. They cry out for help from others as they are attacked. Men, women, and children are lost in this continuous battle. They are seeking hiding places and a safe place. Their homes are no longer safe. Echoes of cries, pleas, and a declaration of great need are heard. This invasion on this country is inhumane and absurd.


Experiencing a trauma will find people needing to find a “safe place” where they can be free from the world's noise, causing triggers to re-experience the trauma. Individuals cry out for help in different ways! Calls for help are not always verbalized.

As you work, understand the importance of feeling safe in the environment you live, work and learn. Feeling safe is one of my two rules and the depth of this need has gained a more critical role today. Safety is an essential piece of our foundation. As we lead we need to make this a priority. We can discover more ways to help everyone feel safe. We will continue to point out, find resources and strategies to support safety.

My prayers are with all of the people involved with this war in Ukraine. Prayers for safety, comfort, and strength. May the leaders find ways to resolve and end this before more lives are lost. Leaders must lead and not be reactive. Waiting too long to solve a problem makes it more significant. Life is being lost daily. We must unite in this fight for freedom, democracy and safe places for all.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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