Trophy-Does Everyone Get One? Can Everyone Play?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I spent nine years of my educational career at the middle school level. I also have had a daughter, a granddaughter, and, before I know it, two grandsons who will experience middle school.

My belief was in letting everyone play, be involved, and be part of all of the activities they wanted to be in. Life is full of road blocks, dead ends and obstacles to overcome. However, I soon discovered funding and staffing would not accommodate my thought process.

Our school had a strict budget for our athletics, and finding individuals for the coaching positions were complex, so adding additional teams would be a problem. Then if I added extra time to the practice schedule, it would not be possible.

I was also advised to think about the message I would send to the students I serve. We do not want students to think, “Everyone wins and gets a trophy.” To receive awards, honors, and rewards, you have to work for them. This is so true! However, I want them to have at least the opportunity to try. If you never have the chance to get on the team to practice, learn and develop, we may never discover your full potential. There is so much more to being involved with school activities.

Check out Seth’s Blog, which I follow for out-of-the-boundary thinking to stretch my thoughts. Let me know your thoughts on sports and extracurricular activities. What do you think they are for? How do you think they should be? Does everyone get a trophy?

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