Giving you the support you need to lead and teach well

Helping you develop the tools you need tobe the solution daily

Giving you the support you need to lead and teach well

Helping you develop the tools you need tobe the solution daily
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The 2 Rules

1.  Does everyone feel good 2.  Does everyone feel safe? at school?

Helping every student understand that with every choice they make, there is a consequence, whether it's good or bad

Does this sound familiar?

Truancy is a significant problem

You see students trying to solve issues without the problem-solving skills they need

During passing periods your hallways are filled with pushing, shoving, running, and yelling

Fighting frequently breaks out between students because they respond reactively and violently to conflict

You dread having to address a school trauma because there is no game plan in place

Classroom management is a problem

Brenda Yoho dares to challenge the prevailing emphasis on academic achievement and invites us into a new era of education – one that prioritizes mental health.         

-Jason Leahy the Executive Director of Illinois Principals Association

How would it feel if you could instill in your students the desire to make right choices

How would your school's environment change if your students' emotional needs were met and they had a safe place to focus on learning and problem solving?

The truth of the matter is, that could be your reality for this coming school year.  Are you willing to invest the time it will take to acquire the tools you need to make it happen?

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"You can choose to be part of the solution or part of the problem, the choice is yours to make."
-Brenda Yoho

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